Friday 17 August 2012



In the past, women were treated as mere slaves in all walks of life. As they belong to the weaker section, men used to keep them under thumb. They were denied freedom. They were kept like dumb cattle within the four walls of the house. Indeed, they had no rights. Their most sacred duty was to obey everyone blindly.
Though the visage is fast changing, yet women are still treated, in some respects, in conservative manner. No one feels happy in the home at the birth of a female child. Even numerous cases of female foticide are being reported. Even an only daughter is supposed to be a curse for the family. She is regarded as a decree of lakhs of rupees for dowry on the parents. Further, as a wife, she has always to obey her husband despite being an equally earning member of the family. Even today they are not to reason why, theirs but to do and die.” was the motto for them. Even educated and modernized husbands want to see their wives to confine to the old values. The noble professions of women in the outside world are considered to be of no concern to them. In most of the families husbands are treated as lords and gods whether they may be good or bad.
Though changes are affecting our society but gradually. Our country is changing politically, economically and socially, at a swift speed. The condition of today’s women is also changing gradually.
Now women cannot be kept as sheer domestic servants. Today’s women are playing an important role by supporting her family financially. They are also taking part in noble professions of medical, engineering, economy, Science, Law, Space and various other fields. Thus, they are playing a vital role in the development of the country. But at the same time, they are mal-treated at different levels, be it’s a work place, a local transport even in the public places. Any where any time they have been targeted, demoralized even humiliated in this male dominated society.
If a women is a working professional then she will be targeted, demoralized even humiliated by her seniors, clients, colleagues or any of the other subordinates. If she is still in the period of the educational days then may be her lecturer, teacher, tutor, class mate or any of the fellow mates of same institute will be there for such kind of acts. Even the small girls have been targeted as we all hear and read the several cases of child rape and child abuse.
Now such things forced me to think is this is what our country is changing to. Our country’s politicians are repeatedly saying that women have been given equal voting right with men and they will now perform an active part in outside affairs also.
But is it what that is happening actually , instead of it there are more and more cases coming up of rapes, child rape and child abuse, demoralization and humiliation day by day.
Our leaders pronounce it proudly that today’s’ women is on the leading march. She is now an equal partner in her family. Her future is bright. 



  1. I do not totally agree with you. Women today are more equipped and enlightened and reaching out to new challenges and bigger roles. Some stray incidents need not be the source of our judgment, though they influence our thought process.

    1. These are just some views but yes.., I do appreciate and accept your point as well.

  2. What U wrote is a universal phenomenon..If u analyse it on broader perspective, U wud rather replace the term women with Weaker and underprivileged beings of society. Its a human trait to pose his superiority on somebody apparently weaker than him in status and domain. Be it a women, a servant, person lowly placed in society and so on. The society may progress manifold but this inherent trait shall always prevail.

    Reflect within and U will realize that our way of treating and dealing varies from person to person depending on his/her status and standing in society. And for that one cannot paste a mark between male/female differences. Both R equally guilty on this. Why blame male only for this deviance.

    What is needed is effective laws and its implementation against exploitation of fellow beings. If showing once superiority is intrinsic in human, so is his fear from reprimand and punishment provided its effective in true sense.