Monday 15 October 2012

Real world vs virtual world

The way communication in the virtual world can affect behavior in real life was the starting point for my blog today.

We writers have always been observers, tucking away incidents and anecdotes in mental notebooks knowing, they might be the seed from which future writing grows.

When I was writing regularly for the next blog. I did this all the time, letting ideas simmer away at the back of my mind before I retrieved them and turned them into a blog. In doing so, am almost always a wittier, more clever woman than the real me  here and now because I had the time to polish the words through which she was shown.

Virtual world

Virtual Reality is considered one of the most exciting technologies today, constantly evolving and improving. Now electronic media has turned more people into writers, bloggers, tweeters, facebookers  . . . These media enables them not just to chronicle what’s happening to them but to do so almost instantly. There is a danger that in doing that people could let the real world becomes less important than the virtual one, for which it provides inspiration and let the virtual one shape the real one. Like many other phenomena, social networking can be a force for good if you use it wisely and well or a force for ill if you don’t.

Technology is the process through which human beings and machines interact and, therefore, create culture. The online shopping sites innovation actually affords the speed and convenience of online shopping with the feel of a brick and mortar store, and in doing so, sits in between physical and virtual spaces.

Beginning with the Internet revolution of the ‘90s through the development our lives have continually expanded to occupy virtual spaces. In Second Life, we bought virtual houses with real money; when playing Farm-Ville, we wake up in the middle of the night to save our virtual grapes from rotting.

Real World

In reality if we move out of our virtual world and spare some time to meet real people and interact with them. there will be a new learning to an individual. Interaction to humans always opens new dimensions for us , in terms of experiences, opportunities, learning. This will also work as a stress buster for us. We all have different pressures in our lives, work, family and career. When we meet people personally and spend some quality time we tend to know and discover the different aspects of human nature. We feel relaxed and revived after a short vacation: in the same manner when we meet new people and interact, we feel refreshed and full of  positive energy.

What I personally feel we all should take a break from our hectic routines to come out of our virtual lives and spare some time to meet real people, make real friends or rather we may also plan and meet our virtual friends in reality to know each-other better.

At last I would state here...I have experienced this personally  recently and trust  my friends out there…that was indeed a memorable experience for me…


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  1. Internet is bringing strangers closer and taking the close ones away.
    At some point, people are getting obsessed about their virtual networks.
    I am often addressed as Addict of such networks, but truth is, I have a lot to do in real life too. The virtual world is nothing but a place where I can express something that I probably express to anyone whom I feel like telling.
    I do meet people, many people, of different kind, of different wavelength. And it all incorporates in my writings and activities.
    So it's good to have online world, but that doesn't mean one should forget the real world.