Thursday 11 July 2013

The contest is one of its own’s Empire Publications

On 12th May 2013 Author’s Empire Publications established themselves as leading publishers with the spectacular Book Launch held at Patiala Aviation Club and graced by none other than the Maharani of Patiala and the Minister of State for External affairs, Government of India; Ms Preneet Kaur. 

On that day Author’s Empire Publications launched its first bouquet of three books. That is; ‘In Pursuit of the Woman’ a love story by Rajbir Gill, Kashi by the American author, Terin Miller, and Chakra: Chornicles of the Witch Way by the National Bestselling author, Ritu Lalit

In a short span of just two months Author’s Empire Publications has had the distinction of acquiring the status of one of the fastest growing publishing companies in India. In a first of its kind Author’s Empire Publications has come up with a special and unique offer for readers. All the three titles that are listed on and carry a unique prize for the lucky winners who place pre-orders / orders for the books.  

All three books are of completely different genres and have a wide appeal. Rajbir Gill’s debutant novel is a romance novel of a young Naval Officer and how far he can go for the woman he loves. Praising words said by one of the award winning author of Hexagon, Ishaan Lalit. “In Pursuit of the Woman is a mature love story that garners attention through all its twists and turns.” He also adds the word “recommended”. Available for Rs. 123 on, the book targets the readers who are looking forward to read a love story with a twist.

The other book in the group is the book named Kashi, a novel by Terin Miller, which is even attracting international attention because it was earlier published in the United States of America as ‘From Where the Rivers Come.’ The book won various awards and received honourable mention recognition in Paris Book Festival, New York Festival, the London Book Festival and New England Book Festival. It is a love story of an American expatriate and an Indian woman who wants to live an unrestricted life in India.

The third book in the group is Ritu Lalit’s Chakra is about magic, about Japas, about mythology and about a fantasy world created by the bestselling author. Famous writer and poet Nandita Bose says, “Intrigue, power plays and the mystical allure of the supernatural: Ritu Lalit has penned an unputdownable saga that grips and entertains like dynamite!”, Chakra: Chronicles of the Witch Way is the ‘most pre-ordered book of Author’s Empire Publications’ in the words of Kunal Marathe, CEO, Author’s Empire India. 

The wait for these books has become intriguing as Author’s Empire Publishers have come up with a prefect contest. The contest is one of its own kinds and is as unique as the company launch was. The lucky winners stand to win BlackBerry Curve, tea shirts and many other goodies. The details of the contest are available on the official Fan Page of the company,