Wednesday 25 September 2013

Book Review—‘Millionaire’ by Dayal Madan

Book Review—‘Millionaire’ by Dayal Madan

An INTERESTING story about passion to achieve dreams, expectation, Love, SACRIFICE and above all commitment towards ones love… "

This is the novel by Dayal Madan … The is a story of Dev Arora, who has some ambitions and aspirations preset for him, But then mid way of achieving his dreams he fall in love with Visha Kapoor the girl who changed his life completely and then suddenly disappearance leaves him completely neglected. These turn and changes in Dev’s life firstly twirl him aloof from everything and then with self realisation make him millionaire in short span of time. The menacing accident leaves a great impact on Dev life when he become naive about his love life for some time and then one fine day suddenly recalls everything and boost up his life from ashes. The story is about hurt, Love, achieving success, however we can achieve success and money with hard work but not love, commitment and championship that all comes only when you have your beloved by your side in all thick and thin of relationships.

The madness of Dec in his love story is a main emphasize of the book. Poems depicting Dev’s love has been written and expressed marvellously. Narration of the story is something which makes you feel reflective many times. The commitment of Dev towards his love is a thing to watch out for in the book.

The story is real good example of inspiration to learn and implement, how to achieve success make dreams come true. Dreams of love, career, success and happiness in life.
Now my Positive viewpoints:

The concept and climax is good, on each and every page it will teach you a lesson. The struggle and achievement of Dev specially in the today’s era where most of the youngsters not much focused is something very inspiring in the current socio-eco-political era have been narrated well. Indeed the story will shake up your emotions to understand the story of Dev.

Some suggestive points:

Overall the book is really good and very well expressed; I would like to suggest that a little stringent editing was required as there are some typing errors in the book. The only drawback of the book is the narration of the story has taken place in a management college where ‘Dev’ came to deliver a lecture and share his success story, where as he has also shared his love story and even the some of the delicate moments as well, this is something hard to believe. Also mention of Dev’s professional life takes long time to come in front of the readers. The first half is no different from many other love stories in present times.
Final words:
Overall if asked I would say...this is a good job done by Author… (Dayal Madan) I would give 3 stars to this book.