Wednesday 19 August 2015

Be Still My Heart...!!!

I can feel it’s' rapid pace.
The excitement has come over me.
I'm flushed, all in the face.
Your rhapsody, it has taken hold of me;
And this Euphoria, I don't think it'll ever stop.
Be Still, Be Still, my quivering heart,
As, I don't want anyone to get the fact away
That I’m head over heel, going, absolutely, crazy,
For that smile you might give, the kind words you might say,
For those moments, when time, just, stills, and we look at each others face,
Falling, into each other, slowly, breathing, into our souls,
Taking in your essence, for, any piece of you I can hold,
Capture, it is, most precious to me.
I cannot let you see the fervours, veracity, of our love;
So, be still, my heart, thus, that you may hide
The volume, of our love, the feelings inside you.
Be still my heart; Close your eyes,
Be Still! Be Still! Be Still.