Friday 10 February 2017

Kesari Dawat at Bon Barbecue

Happen to see the Gurpreet Tikku jee’s Lohri Festival pictures floating all across the Facebook recently. Which in turns left me tempting for such fun, masti and mouth watering food ( being food lover).

Hence, I started my plan of action in order not to delay or miss any such opportunity coming up. So, without wasting any more time I called up a common friend (Shwetabh Mathur) and ask for Gurpreet Tikku jee’s contact number.

But to my Hard luck when I spoke with Gurpreet jee came to know that festival was on 13th January 2017 and now it’s over but as it was great event so pictures and the fun is still there on Facebook
However, it was not the complete disappointment as Gurpreet jee gave me a commitment that soon they are coming up with another amazing event and I can certainly be part of it, hence I became the member of Mister Tikku group on Facebook in order to keep the track of updates about coming up events.

And soon my wish was granted when Gurpreet Jee announces the next event Kesari Dawat at Bon Barbeque on 03 February 2017.As the name say’s Kesari Dawat so the dress code was something to be in Kesari (Orange Color) 

So, on 03 February 2017, I was all set to go to Bon Barbeque and also forced Shwetabh Mathur to pull with me ( even when he has to rush from his training and come all the way from Faridabad)
As the time was for 8 p:m and the final start of the event was from 8.30 p:m. We both manage to reach around 8.15 p:m. Once entered we were greeted with a great bundle of energy and happiness none other than Gurpreet jee and Gurleen Jee.

Once settled we were offered with the amazing starters and drinks, which we both enjoyed respectively myself being vegan and Shwetabh a non-vegan. 

The ambience of the restaurant was completely music with the effect of live music singing. It felt as if the love and music were floating in the air and intoxicating all of us.

This all followed with the Gurpreet Jee presenting the Mister Tikku momentum to owner of Bon barbeque and this was again followed by lucky draw where some people won the gift hampers, but sadly even after praying hard ( like a kid) I didn’t get the one L L

Taking about the food it was amazing and so was the ambience, especially for all non-vegan people as the non-vegan varieties of food items are many but for vegan people like me, choices are limited.
Also, one this which I and Shwetabh happen to witness the arrangement glitch of cleanliness and hygiene, restaurant authorities have to keep these important things also in mind.

Overall this was an incredible experience and if asked I will give the rating of 3.5