Saturday 18 November 2017

How To Choose The Right Water Purifier

With the increase in pollution and depleting resources of pure water, an individual today is pressed to take well-thought decisions when it comes to the health of self and his loved one. One cannot leave to impulse when it comes to picking up the right water purifier. Buying a water purifier is just not Paying for the popular one or the cheapest one. There are a number of factors that are to be considered before making a purchase. The key factor in making a choice is the kind of water received in the area where one stays. Further to this one has to see the technology used in the designing and functioning of the water Purifier. The price and the reviews of the products are also important factors that cannot be ignored. If planning to buy a water filter is on the charts for you then please go through the list of factors that are to be considered.

Water Quality
Water quality is the first and the foremost factor that should impact your buying decision. One needs to be sure of the water quality before one makes a choice. if the water you receive has a high TDS level is hard and saline then the correct option is an RO water purifier. These RO water purifiers are having a semi-permeable membrane capable of removing the micro dissolved salt, metals and impurities.
As of today, there are a number of water purification technologies that the market has to offer. Having the knowledge of various technologies is important to pick the right product. The market today offers products that are based on RO, UV and UF technologies. Below find a list of technologies that are available as an option in the market.
RO Water Purifiers
The Reverse Osmosis Purifiers are the ideal purifiers if you live in an area that offers water that has a high TDS level. These water purifiers are capable of removing impurities of heavy metals, Flouride, Arsenic, and other toxins from water. The only drawback is that they also remove some of the essential minerals from water hence it is imperative that the RO has a TDS controller in it
Gravity-Based Water Purifiers
Gravity-based water purifiers are ideal purifiers if the TDS level in the water is low. They are economic water purifiers and do not require electricity to operate. They can successfully remove bacteria, dust, chlorine, and cysts from the water.
UV Water Purifiers
UV water purifiers are the purifiers that can be effective for purifying tap and municipal corporation water. They basically use a high power UV lamp that disinfects water and remove the contamination. The drawback of these water purifiers are that they fail to remove the dissolved impurities from water.
If you are having a water supply that is high in microbes and contaminants like nitrates, dissolved pesticides, and lead then the correct choice is always a UV based RO purifier. The UV effect irradiates the water and help in killing the bacteria and viruses. This is possible because the UV penetrates the cells of the microbes and destroys the ability to reproduce. The semi-permeable membrane of the RO is capable of removing the dead microbes and the contaminants of the water thus making it fit for human consumption.
Storage Capacity
Storage capacity is one of the important factors that one needs to keep in mind before making a decision. If one lives in an area that has frequent power cuts one has to buy a filter with higher storage capacity. The automated system of the purifier starts the purification once the level falls down to the minimal level.
The product Certifications is a critical factor that one needs to check in water purifier before one makes a decision to purchase. Certification ensures that the brand offering are authentic and trustworthy. Live pure has been honored with some of the top quality certifications.
Maintenance and After Sales Services

Maintenance and After Sales services are the important factors that cannot be ignored before making a purchase. A water purifier that is high and frequent in maintenance is never the right choice.