Wednesday 16 May 2018

Why your mother is the strongest woman you will ever know

She used to be 22; figuring out that never-ending cycle of what she’s supposed to be doing with her life. She used to be 15; obsessing every day how to look more perfect than yesterday. Your mom had a whole other life before you came into it. She had own hobbies and aspirations, just like you have today, and she probably even had a huge crush on someone else who wasn’t your dad.
Whether you are close to your mom or not, you can’t necessarily deny how much she has done for you. You can’t deny the times when you were out with your friends while your mom was busy cleaning the whole house by herself when she would rather be resting or even be out with her own friends for a change. You can’t ignore the times when she would come home from an eight-hour-long tiring day, staying on her feet for another extra hour just to cook you dinner before you retire for the day.
Your mom is the complete definition of a strong woman. She cooks, she cleans, and she works tirelessly to help put a roof over your head. But that’s only the half of it.
Your mother is outstanding because of the motivation she tells herself every day during the tough times she feels like she can’t take it anymore. She is amazing because she is the heart of the family who knows exactly how to keep everybody calm and focused. She is one of a kind because the type of love she offers is something no one else can provide.
Its that type of love that only comes through with great mental capacity when her body is about to give out but her mind still tells her to hang in there for the last few seconds. The type where the phrase ‘I love you no matter what’ comes to life every single day when her patience becomes stronger than her pride.
No one can compare to the strength of a mother. She not only exceeds the physicality of her the capacities when taking care of you, your sister and/or brother, and your dad at the same time. Though, the very thing that has always my curiosity and inspiration is the constant question that’s been lingering in my head for a while now. That question is, how in the world could a human being can handle all the physical and mental stress and responsibilities when taking care of somebody else other than themselves?
I guess no one will be able to answer this question. I have great respect for every mother out there because of this. As a young adolescent woman in her 20s trying to figure out where her life is going to go and still having to take care of herself in the process; I really could not imagine myself taking of any children right now, or anyone else.
That is why I respect to be very woman who has mastered how to love unconditionally, any human being who knows how to put others before themselves for a change, and an individual who knows the difference between loving someone for who they are and loving the idea of who they want them to be. Happy Mother’s Day.