Sunday 2 September 2018

Pastry which are unique- Unique Pastry Shop

Having a sweet tooth, I am always in a search of good sweets, pastries, cakes etc. The other day I placed an online order for four different kinds of pastries to be delivered. The taste of all the pastries was really good. Starting from choco truffle, pineapple, brownie and fruit were the different flavours I chose.  All the pastries were extremely soft and lip-smacking. Choco truffle pastry is heaven for chocolate lovers and the fruit pastry was a new and welcome addition to my list of favourite flavours. The pineapple pastry was lighter than air.

All the pastries have delightful texture and taste which leaves a delicious aftertaste in the mouth and pampers the taste buds. Nonetheless, everything tasted very good but the packaging was the most saddening part. All the pastries were packed in a light paper box, during the delivery the pastries were press and the presentation of each pastry was mess up. Also, I noticed that there was no plastic wrapping around some pastries which I found in some of the pastries. I have made the personal visit to their outlet in I.P.extension and tried other pastries- mango, blueberry, pineapple, choco truffle, marble, black forest, eclair, choco delight, choco crunch, fudge pudding, choco ball and truffle pudding, all the pastries were yummy.
 Ambience - 3/5
 Service- 3/5
 Value for money: 4/5