Friday 28 September 2018

Cafe from universal- Pluto's Cafe

 Although from exteriors this place seems to be one promising food joint but they sadly they don't set expectations.  Indeed they have arranged a good sitting arrangement and the lighting and interiors are also good (if one can ignore the outside chaos as it is situated on a crossroad so you will see a lot of traffic passing by).  Talking about the food is the biggest disappointment, their presentation of the food is good but on taste, everything seems to be compromised. I tried their momos, pastries, sandwiches, Pizza, and coffee. Sorry to say but nothing simply nothing seems fresh and tasteful, pastries and sandwich had a bad taste as if staled, the coffee was again nothing less than a mixture of little milk with more water and coffee. Talking about the service which is again pathetic, the staff here is not at all customer friendly. Considering the kind of food prices seems to be on the higher side. All in all is not so good experience and don’t worth a second visit at all unless someone is influence with ambiance.

Ambiance - 3/5 Service- 2/5  Food-1/5 Value for money: 2/5