Wednesday 13 March 2013



Late in night while lying in my bed all I do is think about you,

Though you are far away, still your aura is with me and I feel you,

Your voice keep humming in my ears as hear you say I miss you,

Am intoxicated by the cologne of the breath whiffing from you,

Your engaging love whispers as I feel the warmth from you,

The pain in my heart moves to my eyes so far away yet near you,

Though you are far away but with me it’s the reason I am with you,

I await the time when my hand is in yours as I whisper I love you,

Your corporeal touch on my body is still fresh in my mind as I miss you,

There are still no words I can say to express but my heart aches for you,

Wipe my eyes say few soothing words I can’t bear this separation from you,

Even thought you aren't here but all I do is miss you, miss you, miss you.