Friday 28 June 2013

Book Review - ‘Sunlit Hearts’ By Meenu Mehrotra

Sunlit Hearts By Meenu Mehrotra

A very INTERESTING, BOLD, DIFFERENT TOPIC TO READ AND converse…an appropriate tagline - "The Wound is the place where the light enters you."
This is a novel by Meenu Mehrotra. The story is about love, dreams, passion destiny and most importantly a girl’s (Medha) prospect towards her unrequited love, her arranged marriage, her quest to become an accomplished writer, and her role as a mother, all interwoven resulting in a fascinating story of one woman’s walk through the storms of life. And how she will validate Rumi’s saying, “The wound is the place where life enters you".

This is the story about Medha who keeps trying to pace up with her life and learns that her destiny is full of bliss and distress in her relationships so as to experience all that life has to put forward to her. Let’s see how Medha will get in touch with the man who truly loves her by fleeting through the man she loves.

The story moves on with Medha, a strong woman who always listens to her heart. She suffers a failed marriage with Rishi after which she fell into a relationship with Nikhil, where she discovers the problems of her failed marriage. The tremendous love and care for her son Yash forced her to return back to her husband Rishi. The character of Rishi has been portrayed really well and so are his sufferings. Even though when Rishi discovers Medha‘s betrayal still he gleefully accept her back in his life. He wanted to make their relationship more strong by becoming her friend. He loved her truly despite the discrepancies that happened in their married life. It is all very well written.

Now my Positive viewpoints:

This is a novel by Meenu Mehrotra, who has done an outstanding job and rationalisation to this story.
Very well narrated and written, the climax has been portrayed really well.

The bonding, understanding amongst relations has been portrayed so very well.

Even the climax of the story has been scripted really well. The new concept of open marriage has been introduced in this novel, which says a person can have wife and girlfriend at the same time and wife should accept the second woman in his husband’s life. Though as per Indian customs this is concept is completely wrong.

Some suggestive points:
Overall the storyline is good indeed and very well expressed. At some places Medha has been portrayed to be brittle.

Final words:
Overall if asked I would say...this is an exceptional job done by author, Meenu Mehrotra.

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