Friday 28 June 2013

Book Review -‘When Life Tricked me And Love Kicked me’ By Vikrant Khanna

When Life Tricked me And Love Kicked me 

By Vikrant Khanna

Indeed an INTERESTING story about friends and bonding between then with A great meaning and lessons to learn.
This is a debut novel by Vikrant Khanna. The story revolves around six friends, named Vikram (Vik), Raghav, Nirvaan, Ruheen, Rachna and Purnima, who plan their career and life with a hope that everything goes as per the plan. They also have plans for realising their dreams, passions and love. Over and above everything they have a plan to ensure that can execute their plans. But in reality, there is total dismay.

This story gives a very important message; we should always take our life sincerely because each and every moment is unpredictable. We should take pleasure in each and every aspect of life and accomplish our dreams ahead of time because you never know what will happen to our life the next moment. The character of Raghav has been portrayed really well; he was the one who was very ambitious and hard working person.

The twist and turn in the story makes you glued to it till you reach the end, which in equally heart wrenching and emotional.

Now my Positive viewpoints:

This is a debut novel by Vikrant Khanna, who has done a remarkable job with a proper explanation to the story.

Very well narrated and written, the climax has been portrayed really well.

The bonding, understanding, misunderstandings amongst friends has been portrayed so very well.

Indeed a great message given by the author to all the reader to live life to fullest and in a balanced manner.

Some suggestive points:
Overall the storyline is good indeed and very well expressed, though it would have been more effective and great if the switch over between flashback and present was in proper synchronisation.

Final words:
Overall if asked I would say...this is a brilliant job done by author, Vikrant Khanna.



  1. This book brought tears into my eyes..A very emotional one.

    1. Indeed a good book..thanks for reading the review :)