Saturday 31 May 2014

I Remember You

I remember how you held me, in your embrace tight so tight.
How you spoke all those sweet talks to me, all over that night.

I still remember when I saw you, for the very first instant.
You just shared welcome pleasantries, and how all I wanted was to be yours.

I remember how I was all yours, as you always to say,
Now I just wonder...Where and why did it go away?

I remember the happiness that you brought with every hug a kiss,
That is the something...which I predominantly miss.

I know that you are happy, happy within your world.
Though I am not because It won’t unless we're together.

I don’t remember when and where I messed up,
Because you couldn't see...when my heart broke when I lost you,

I remember everything you did, everything you do,
Still the truth is...I remember you...all I do...still I love you.