Tuesday 29 March 2016

BOOK REVIEW - “Logically Stupid, That’s Love ” By Shikha Kumar

Love is an intense feeling and affection for another person is mostly taken for granted by majority of us. We don't value it unless we lose it, to choose between love and career, most choose the latter unknowing the importance of love. However there comes a time where they cross each other's path and one needs to take a decision and choose and mend future.

The story makes understand and look into the life of Kartik Brar, a young, energetic, passionate and career-oriented man for whom building himself and his career is of outmost priority and Sahana Khurana, a lively beautiful girl who can put any man onto his knees with her charm and beauty. Studies and Career had never been her priority until she meets Kartik. They fall for each other. Love brought many changes in their life and happiness was all around until one fine day Kartik notices the anger of Ajit.

However, despite his initial flirting with Sahana, Kartik is consumed by his desire of attaining success at all costs. After waiting for 5 long years for Kartik, Sahana finally senses that his logic is gaining an upper hand and this shatters her heart and decides to finally forego of her love for Kartik. However, destiny has other plans as it brings the two protagonists in front of each other once again.

Who was Ajit and why was he angry? When, how and under what circumstances did Kartik and Sahana meet for the first time?What was the reaction of Kartik when he gets to know the real identity of Sahana? Will he continue to be with her or break her heart?And last but not the least, Will Kartik and Sahana end up together giving a perfect end to their love? The climax was quite interesting with twists and turns as they unfold. For that you need to read this book.

Now my Positive viewpoints:

The positives of the story are portrayals of characters are so beautifully done that you never get a feeling of reading a book. Furthermore the novel keeps a smile on the face from very beginning to the end which is the best thing to happen. The best part of this novel is the conversation b/w Kartik and Sahana. Their talks add a lot more beauty and the way the authoress has presented the romance and thrill is just praiseworthy.
Some suggestive points:

Although the narration of the story is wonderful but at some places the story becomes stagnant. When the story does move; it inches towards the end, to convey just a one line message that sums up the book. I feel the narrative was coming back to the same point after each change of scene without adding much to the story line it was bit stretched thus, making it a bit tedious.  The author seemed confused in building the plot in initial few chapters. Even typical melodrama of Love Vs Career was too much to handle after a given point of time.

Final words:

  Overall if asked I would say this is a light and simple book and anyone whether in love or not can easily connect to it. This story is for the new generation who don't respect and value anything which comes easily to our life. So learn to respect what you have before situation makes you to respect what you have. The book is perfect accompaniment to your weekend pastime. Overall I would say...this is a good job done by Author (Shikha Kumar ) I would give 3.5 stars to this book.