Sunday 10 April 2016

Kailash Kher and cheered Indian Cricket team

Gaana roped in the singing legend for a unique social media engagement

India’s first ever Jugalbandi campaign on Twitter, caught the imagination of the entire nation. provided its followers an opportunity to show their appreciation the ‘boys in blue’ along with Kailash Kher. Participants cheered for Indian team with their tweets while  Kailash turned those into a song live! Have a look on such an amazing Jugalbandi This unique activity on twitter with the hashtag- #JeetegaIndia  reached 14 million viewers, this activity trended for 8 long hours and garnered over 278 million impressions.

Although sadly, India lost the Semi-finals, they played really well and the fans had no reason to complain. From the music composer Sulaiman Merchant to news channels like CNN-IBN, journalists and eminent anchors, everybody cheered for India through #JeetegaIndia. Some really quirky and creative lyrics were shared for the maestro to execute. One of Kailash’s song ‘Toota Toota Ek Parinda’ was turned into ‘Toota Toota Ek Wicket to Aise Toota, Ke phir Judh Na Paya’. 

Even the legend Kailash Kher himself enjoyed the gig to the hilt, and every song for him was like an anthem pumping the nation with great energy and strong determination. This rare treat which perfectly amalgamated the thrill of an classic encounter, eulogized by one of the best voices in Bollywood made fans on social media go berserk. 

In less than five hours, over 17,000 tweets with song requests reached, turning it into a highly successful campaign. In a first time case, a campaign forged such an intense connection between sports and music. 

* PFA screenshots of conversations by brands and celebs that used the hashtag - #JeetegaIndia
   Radio City 91.1
   Abhijit Majumder (Managing Editor, Mail Today)
   Mohit Yadav IFS (Indian Dilpomat, Squash Player)
   Sulaiman Merchant (Popular Indian Music Composer)
   Lakme India
   Akash Soni (Anchor @ IBN7)
   Box Office Detail
   Shivam Vij
   Kamala Sripada (Journalist @ IBN7)
   Shweta Bhattacharya (Broadcast Journalist @ Network18)
   Zee TV Middle East
   Anchal Vohra (Senior Anchor @ CNN-IBN)
   Telugu Filmnagar
   Times Now
   Mrityunjoy Jha (Journalist @ IBN7)
   CNN-IBN News
   Sumit Awasti (Deputy Managing Editor @ IBN7)