Friday 22 April 2016

Now ! Let your parcels fly with Pigeon..

If you are still using a single carrier for your transport needs, here’s a question very important question for you. How far it is can reach when it comes to shipping your courier? Or, is it they are charging you more than other carriers for shipping to some places distant places, would you manage prefer to multiple carriers? And how much time, money and resource are you willing to spend on finding the right carrier to deliver at the right place with the right price for your courier?

Too many questions to Think about, right? The thing is, you obviously cannot take a risk that would backfire. You must deliver to your customers, no matter how remote the delivery needs to go to, or else they suffer and so does your business. And that’s why you need to be sure that all the shipments are delivered at any and every place with the ticking clock.

This is where GoPigeon comes in picture, where you can trust us. GoPigeon has reached to literally thousands of pin codes across India. Be it any nook or corner of the country, GoPigeon will ensure that your shipment reaches on time, every time you bestow your trust on us. We significantly lower your shipping costs, and we do it by finding the best carrier with the most competitive rates.

Believe it or not, GoPigeon has reached more than 20,000 pin codes within a year of starting our business of serving our customers, and have always met with remarkable response for our cost-effectiveness and timely deliveries.

The image below will shows you our reach to different pin codes, across all the states and the union territories of India (yes, indeed all of them!).

When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Not only we are expanding your reach, you are also saving costs and time, minimising effort, and most importantly, reaching out to all your customers and earning their trust within us.

So don’t risk your success with the single carrier. Give us a chance work with us and we will make sure that your shipment reaches anywhere and everywhere you want.

But wait, this is not the only reason why you should work with us. In the coming days, we will give you the full picture of our capabilities to get you on board with us. GoPigeon  will keep you in loop and so keep visiting  our site

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