Monday 11 February 2013

Book Review – ‘It Wasn't Love at First: Shalini and I’ by Prashant Sharma

 ‘It Wasn't Love at First: ‘Shalini and I’ by Prashant Sharma 

For people who believe in destiny, relationship ...
This is the third novel by Prashant Sharma… I got attracted to the title of book and ordered it from flip-kart.

This is a story about a relationship between two unknown people who desire to become known to each other- This is the story about the author himself and his love for Shalini. The story is spread over a span of 20 years where they both keep meeting and imparting due to destiny.

The story moves further with different twists and turns  due to destiny , where either of them is not sure about their next meeting…not even sure whether the other one loves or not.
Now my Positive viewpoints:
This is the third novel by Prashant Sharma..who has done a good job and justification to this story. He has not over exposed any one character and the  script is balanced giving  justice to each character.

The author has expressed friendship of Love and relationship very well. Places like when author has got engaged to the girl of his parents’ choice and on the same day he meets his lost love, are narrated very well.

 Also the character of Kirti has  been portrayed well.

A real good effort done by the author. It is unpredictable and you want to keep reading the book ill you complete the book.
Some suggestive points:
Although the book’s end shows a happy ending which is all together good ..however on some places it seems it can be cut short  especially  the places where relationship of the author or Kirti is being explained or the shopping day out…Indeed the book is good but at the same time there is a little monotony in some places.
This is just a suggestion….
Final words: