Tuesday 12 February 2013

Book Review—‘Arranged Love by Parul Mittal’

Book Review—‘Arranged Love by Parul Mittal’

Arranged Love by Parul Mittal

A very interesting and heart-seizing book with the tagline of Can it get more complicated ?…
This is a novel by Parul Mittal… This is a story about love, dreams, passion destiny and most importantly a girl’s prospect towards arranged marriage,till she finally is able to figure out a goal in her life

This is the story about Suhaani who is a painter by hobby and likes to enjoy her independent status in the US with her sexy Indian American boyfriend. Due to the sudden loss of her job she has to return back to India where her family has arranged a suitor Deepak, an  IIT guy for her. In the first place Suhaani hates IITian’s because of a bad experience  with an IIT guy in her past. When she saw Deepak’s picture forwarded by her father, she instantly started hating him. And took it is as a closed chapter. However, destiny had something else stored for her and she lost her job due to recession, and was forced to come back to India. And to complicate her life, she joins the same company, iTrot.com, where Deepak was working as her manager!

The story moves on with Suhaani and Deepak, Tanu – Suhaani’s cousin and her school friend Neha. The narration of the story is good. The conversation of two sisters and the conversation between Suhaani and Neha is something which is interesting and makes the reader glued   The way the story takes a turn after the intimacy between Deepak and Suhaani is well written and narrated.

Now my Positive viewpoints:

This is a novel by Parul Mittal … who has done a remarkable job and justification to this story.
Very well narrated and written, the climax has been portrayed well.

Suhaani’s mother’s addiction to farm Villa and the small little tiffs between her parents also add up to some humor in the story.
Some suggestive points:
Overall the story line is good indeed and very well expressed, but just as a suggestion too much of attention is given to the character of ‘Jay’.
Repetition of words too often in the same paragraph or on the same page leaves a poor impression
Explicit words denoting sexual objects need to be avoided if the book is meant for  family. Detailed description of the human anatomy in this case leaves a poor taste in the mouth.
A good writer with imagination will convey the meaning without offending anyone.
Final words: